Georgia O'keeffe

Art Historical Context

The Radiator Building At Night.1927: Carl van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts, Fisk University
 Durning the 1920's  precisionism was a movement where artists were concerned not just with new subject matter but with new approach on forms. "O'keeffe along with Charles Sheeler, Charles Demuth, were the leading figures in the movement."(Carol Strickland) "Precisionism a new style of cubism that upset and confused a lot of critics."( The movement was an important act in American Modernism. It started in the 1920's and "focused on scenes and forms of mechanical or industrial forms.  Starting in the 1960's and continuing through the 197O's keeffes paintings are chartacterised as modernism. 
"The growth of the modern art movement paralleled and reflected upon the industrial expansion taking place across America. Born into the swiftly industrializing world of the late nineteenth century, O’Keeffe witnessed how technological progress gave birth to new industries, forever changing America’s social and physical landscape. While industrialists expanded their monopolies and facilitated industrial expansion, and newly empowered corporations fought bitter labor battles with struggling workers, the O’Keeffe farm remained serene and remote from both the beneficial and detrimental aspects of America’s Gilded Age."(