Georgia O'keeffe

Masterpiece. Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies.1928.Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis
Dimensions:30 x 40 inches
Medium:Oil on Canvas
I choose this painting becuase I think it best represnts her big scale paintings of flowers and thoose are my favorite works by her. Also, the burst of bright and vivid colors catch your eye and create a cheerful and happy mood. It really makes you study and realize the exquisiteness of the flower. Subject Matter: The subject matter is two enlarged poppies.  Use of Color: Her brilliant use of color includes stunning red and orange for the petals. The inside of the poppies a vivid purple. Her composition is very impactful.  The enlarged flowers catch your eye and the way the petals open out invite you to look deeper. Her use of line, form shadow, texture,  and sense of movement make it almost seem like an enlarged photograph.  Using no background draws more attention to the beautiful flowers.O'keeffe paints flowers how she sees them and wanted to share how she viewed them. "Everyone has many associations with a flower. You put out your hand to touch it, or lean forward to smell it, or maybe touch it with your lips almost without thinking, or give it to someone to please them. But one rarely takes the time to really see a flower. I have painted what each flower is to me and I have painted it big enough so that others would see what I see."(  O'keeffe's flowers are powerful and symbolic of her life and I like how to her a flower goes beyond the surface.