Georgia O'keeffe
"Filling a space in a beautiful way. That is what art means to me."(
Rams Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills. 1935. Brooklyn Museum
  •  She is known for capturing the natural essence of beauty
  • A unique blend of abstract and representational
  • Clarity of style; color, shape, line
Poppy. 1927. Museum Of Fine Arts, St Petersburg
Blue Flower.1918. Whitney Museum.
  • synesthesized abstraction
  • Transformed subjects into powerful abstract images
  • Used minimalism
  • Painted in a expressionistic way
O'keeffe's early abstract drawings
Sent a sires of 10 drawings to Alfred Stielflitz

who later became her husband and quoted when he saw them "At last, a woman on paper!"(

Now recognized as some of the most innovative pieces in American art

these drawings helped her"discover a personal language through which she could express her own ideas."(
1915.The Whitney Musuem Of American Art